24th July, 2014

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24th July, 2014

I want to write a detailed, informed reply to this post but I just keep descending into caps lock rage.

Why is /just no/ not a good response.

24th July, 2014

Anonymous asks:

I sent you an ask about czech/bohemians, and I was wondering if you got it -and will answer it soon- or it tumblr ate it. Thanks

It’s a I’m sitting a a computer on a weekend kind if ask. It a good one and I hope to get to it soon.

24th July, 2014

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24th July, 2014

Anonymous asks:

Uh, hi. So, I was wondering, is it cultural appropriation for a lesbian to use traditionally "gay male" phrases? I'm lesbian, and often find myself saying things like "hey girl hey!" and "yaaaas, slaaaay!". I guess what I'm wondering is if something counts as appropriation when it's between two oppressed groups. Thanks! Love your blog, by the way!

Any culture can be appropriated from. Power dynamics are what to look at when gauging the damage done (dominate culture taking from smaller culture without correct representation in it is going to do some harm).

In the case of phrases though, it isnt much of an issue in terms of cultural appropriation.

24th July, 2014

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24th July, 2014

cuil-lodair asks:

About my post about jerseys and cultural appropriation: Sadly, no it wasn't in writing, but the conversation went something like this. Person: "Why are you wearing that? You're not Welsh. You haven't got a right to wear that shirt because you aren't from Wales." Me: "Uhhhh... Sorry, but I like Welsh rugby." Person: "It's disgusting. You should stop wearing it." Me: *leaves.*

Well, gee, how dare you like another areas sports team?

Also, I don’t know much about rugby, but the Welsh team plays hardcore. They were one of the first games I ever saw. (When Brit friends try to share their sports just nod and smile like you understand what’s going on - life lessons learned from drunk fans)

24th July, 2014


ok but like i want to cosplay Rao from okami rly bad but like she wears a kimono and im afraid someones gonna have a fit on tumblr screaming “CULTURAL APPROPRIATION CULTURAL APPROPRIATION  OMG UR SUCH RACIST TRASH” like???? its a fucking video game character its not like im running aroud say “look u guys im soooo japanese now!”

Cosplay is usually a protection from the nuttier ones, you never really know when a rouge will come up and want to argue about it.

The risk is low though, so enjoy yourself.

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23rd July, 2014

Anonymous asks:

I dont know if youve seen selena gomez new tattoo but its I think arabic writing and I was wondering what your opinions on this were considering all the other things shes done but I personally think she needs to stop


I don’t see the big deal on this one. I guess in the grand scheme of things it is annoying, but what I looked up even says the translation is right.

23rd July, 2014

This Mayor Is Giving $5 To LGBT Rights For Every Anti-Gay Call She Gets. And She’s Getting A LOT.


Kim Driscoll, mayor of Salem, Massachusetts, began receiving homophobic abuse over the telephone after cancelling a contract with a local college over their anti-gay position. Their president had supported a small group of homophobes requesting that a ‘religious exemption’ clause be included in an order designed to protect LGBT employees from discrimination. 


Once the story had broken online, Driscoll’s phone became red hot with irate bigots.

And that’s when she decided to do something awesome.

For every call the Mayor received refuting her actions, she pledged to donate $5 to a local support group for LGBT young people. Of her own money… Read more.

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23rd July, 2014


I have been told that wearing sports jerseys from other countries counts as cultural appropriation…. What is this world of ours coming to?

Oh please tell me that is in writing so I can see.

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